We deliver end-to-end bespoke engineering solutions in hazardous and challenging environments.

An Introduction to
PMP Utilities

PMP provides specialist end-to-end engineering solutions to the UK's water and power industries, delivering services in hazardous and difficult to access environments and providing a holistic approach to your problems.


PMP has unrivalled expertise in providing bespoke engineering solutions in hazardous and challenging environments.


We solve problems and provide design and engineering, fabrication, manufacturing and installation solutions tailored to the individual client and project requirements.


We have experience working nationally across the water, gas, power and process industries.

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Core Capabilities


Specialist Mechanical Engineering Solutions

We specialise in mechanical installation and engineering services to deliver design, construction, management, site installation, commissioning and maintenance works for a wide range of water industry operational Assets. We have the in-house capability to access any asset through our trained workforce of confined space and rope access engineers, providing a one-stop shop for any mechanical solution.


On-site Services

Our on site services team are responsible for any repairs, maintenance and any inspections which includes any resulting remedial works of the mechanical installations in the water & power sectors.


Confined Space Rescue Services

PMP Utilities Confined Space Rescue Teams provide safety cover for all engineering works including water treatment plants, bridge work, shafts and tunnels. PMP Utilities Rescue Teams can assist staff by ensuring they are properly equipped to safely enter confined spaces. Engineers, both PMP Utilities’ and clients’, will be supported by an experienced rescue team providing the assistance, reassurance, recovery, first aid and treatment needed to ensure a safe outcome in the event of an incident. 


Pipeline Leakage Solutions including AMEX-10 seals

We specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of bespoke specialist structural liners for both clean and waste water assets and have exclusive rights in the UK for the supply and fitting of AMEX-10 seals - a cost-effective solution for leaking joints, radial cracks and isolated damage in pipelines, with full WRAS approval.


Rope Access Techniques

Our IRATA trained operatives and supervisors enable PMP to access many locations that would typically need costly scaffolding, with the associated concerns over multiple contractor management. We are also trained to carry out complex engineering tasks and high risk confined space rescues when required. With this expertise we are able to repair difficult to access assets in a cost effective and timely way.

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Our Vision

To be the leading provider of end-to-end engineering solutions to infrastructure assets in hazardous, challenging environments in the UK & Ireland

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Our Vision
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